About Russell Todd Crawford

1383925743_IMAG0213By fostering involvement with causes such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, World Wildlife Fund, and Best Friends Animal Society, Russell Todd Crawford remains active in animal welfare. In pursuits with these and various additional organizations, Russell Todd Crawford investigates animal neglect and cruelty, assists injured animals, and educates the general public regarding conservation and animal welfare.

In one of his most significant roles, Mr. Crawford spent over two years as a volunteer with the United States Equine Rescue League. With this Richmond, Virginia-based organization, he provided direct services for horses that had been neglected, injured, and abused. His responsibilities included feeding, ensuring that the animals received medication, and keeping records for future legal actions involving animal abusers. Additionally, he assisted in facial and leg surgeries and worked directly with blind and malnourished horses.

Mr. Crawford also maintains an interest in several psychological issues and disorders, including panic and posttraumatic stress disorders, depression, and anxiety. In addition to studying for a PhD in psychology, he has participated in two mental health-related positions within correctional facilities located in Richmond.


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